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Energy healing restores balance and harmony in the body by removing blockages and promoting energy flow. Energy healing can treat many physical and emotional conditions, including chronic pain, stress, and anxiety.

Nikola Tesla was one of the most well-known scientists promoting the principle of energy healing in 1856. He believed that energy could be used to enhance overall well-being and improve the quality of life. He believed that regular energy healing sessions could help improve energy levels, increase focus and clarity, and promote a sense of peace and well-being. He developed some tools based on these principles.

Science has evolved since then. In 2017, after years of research, Usman Khan Baloch, a Healer and Scientist, developed HopeMedicine, an energy healing system based on nature and advanced technology. He offers the benefit of this powerful healing system free of charge to any patient in need worldwide.

Usman is also available for private consultations and customized treatments for people with severe conditions or who want to achieve optimum physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and financial success.


Powerful Energy Healing

HopeMedicine contains the energy of ingredients from natural sources such as herbals, minerals, salts, metals, gems…

Cutting Edge Technology

HopeMedicine broadcasting technology is based on several known technologies, yet it is more advanced than all.

How Does It Work?

Holistic medicine recognizes that disease starts at the spiritual level, therefore a patient will not be completely cured…

Can it Help Me?

HopeMedicine is helping chronic patients, defined as patients suffering from a chronic disease for over ten months…



I had constant pain and tingling in my leg for years. These complaints have completely disappeared since I used HopeMedicine. Also, I had pain in my right shoulder. This was every day. Now I feel the pain once every 2 weeks. And sometimes even once a month. Pain is then minimal. I also feel very peaceful in my heart and very happy.

"She was suffering with severe joint pain, vertigo, hepatitis B, pain and heaviness in the legs, sleep disorder (difficulty to sleep at night), she was in great pain... It has been about 10 days and now her hepatitis has improved, she sleeps better, the pain and heaviness in her legs and her general health have improved."

I am in constant pain with severe back problems due to old age and several surgeries. I am 85 years old, I do not expect miracles, and do not have much hope to get better. When I took HopeMedicine, I developed a great feeling of well-being. It makes a very big difference in my life. This water is working very well for me, I will keep taking it.



You have exhausted all your resources.

You are mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially drained.

You are tired, in pain, and you feel hopeless.

Even the best treatments backed by scientific and clinical research haven’t given you results. You are in a vicious circle of taking medications, suffering the side effects, and then taking medications for the side effects, to no avail.

You tried holistic medicine and discovered its benefits but also its cost and limitations.

You prayed and meditated, you worked on self-improvement.

And you are back to square one.


What if there was something other than conventional science, something defying common knowledge but already working on thousands of patients? Would you try it?

It does exist.

It is available to you for free right here, right now.

It is called HopeMedicine energy healing. It contains the energy of thousands of plants, mineral and animal substances, precious gems, metals, salts, etc… and can be delivered to anyone in the world through distance healing. It has been proven effective in many diseases, as shown in these testimonials.

Experience the amazing power of HopeMedicine energy healing now!


  • Get our free treatment with HopeMedicine water. It is effective in 90% of cases and up to cancer level one. However, more powerful treatment is required for more serious conditions or cases that have stopped improving with the free HopeMedicine treatment.


  • Order the self-treatment with the purchase of extra-strength pellets, 100 times more powerful than the HopeMedicine water. In addition, you receive 2,5 packs of  HopeMedicine energy healing directly broadcasted to you by Usman.
  • Book a healing session* with Usman. This is the most powerful and ultimate healing treatment. It is necessary in case of severe, advanced, or terminal conditions.
  • Request energy packs, which are directly broadcasted to you. These packs are 500 times more powerful than the HopeMedicine water. Available upon request or recommendation from Usman after a consultation/healing session. Contact us to discuss this option.


*Healing sessions are subject to a fee and come with a money-back guarantee.

NOTE: The proceeds of these treatments help finance the HopeMedicine humanitarian initiative, which consists of free HopeMedicine water worldwide and local distribution of food, clothing, and blankets to the poor.

The first thing that happened to me after taking HopeMedicine was the end of a lifetime of depression. I had no idea it was possible to feel alive and hopeful! All I knew before was a dead feeling inside of me. Also, I had lumps in my breast for a very long time and there were not alarming until recently, when my breast started getting harder. My doctor was clear, I knew what was coming... Within three weeks after taking HopeMedicine, my breast got back to normal. No more lumps. I was stunned!

Along Came Beyond: A True Story Of Hope

Find out about Usman’s extraordinary journey to HopeMedicine through a conversation with a patient. 

Written as text messages. Available for downhttps://tinyurl.com/2p9bmajcload at Amazon.com

“What you read and learn is one thing, but the energy hidden in my messages is much more than that. You receive it without knowing it. You do feel that energy in yourself, and your energy self is very fond of it. You want more and more of it. It’s like food and nutrition for your energy self, so it is refilled or fueled. Everyone who reads this book will find that this energy is there for them too. So, they will enjoy reading it again and again,” Usman tells Francoise.

Whether you seek physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial healing, you will find your answer in this story. The making of a truly remarkable connection between two strangers and their dedication to a common goal will inspire you. You will dream of creating your own story and become confident that you, too, can achieve the impossible.

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