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Usman Baloch, Research Scientist

My name is Usman Mueen Baloch, I am a healer and a Research Scientist.

I obtained a Master in Computer Science in 2000, and a Master in Commerce from Punjab University in Lahore. Years later, I realized that healing was my real calling.

My grandfather was a famous herbalist, so were his ancestors and one of my uncles, so I was always exposed to holistic medicine, and developed an interest in it. After studying Hijama (wet cupping) from books of Sunnah the Prophet, I started looking for more information around the country. I traveled to villages, towns, cities, and found many practitioners who helped me further my knowledge.

In early 2003, I treated my first patient. This patient was suffering from an acute skin disease and, thirty minutes after the first treatment I gave him, he slept for the first time in months. This was just the beginning of my healing career.

I helped patients suffering from severe chronic diseases to addiction and serious degenerative conditions. Through word-of-mouth, I developed a very successful practice. Patients with desperate cases would come and see me as their last resort, and, in most cases, I delivered results.

Helping people was very rewarding but I felt I could do more. I felt bogged down by physical limitations that only allowed me to treat a certain number of patients and challenged myself to find a way to reach more patients.

I left my Hijama practice and spent years questioning and searching for a solution. It was a long journey filled with struggle and I certainly felt like giving up many times. However, somehow, I could not. Was it determination? Was it some kind of test? Was it a trial of my spirit, my body and my soul? Was I losing my mind? Sometimes I think all of the above. In the end, I was granted a special “knowledge” that helped me reach my goal.

Slowly, a solution emerged. I combined my technical knowledge, my experience in herbology, and the knowledge granted to me, and found a way to transfer the energy of potent herbs to other media such as water, vinegar or sugar pellets, without the dilution or the succussion used in homeopathy. I created a system that I called HopeMedicine, as regaining hope is the first thing patients express after taking it, and I can see hope for successful treatment and cure for serious diseases in ways I could not fathom before.

HopeMedicine has two different components:

  • The energy of plants, gems, colors, precious stones, metals, animal substances, and other components, extracted through advanced and proprietary technology.
  • A cutting-edge technological system that allows me to assess a patient’s condition from a distance and send the required healing energy to treat him/her anywhere around the world.

The power of this medicine is beyond anything I could imagine. Results obtained with HopeMedicine are short of miracles. Every day, I receive testimonials from people in my country, and slowly the word is out. Diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, severe skin conditions, kidney diseases, hepatitis, asthma, back and knee problems, acute conditions… thousands of patients have benefited from HopeMedicine, as you can see in many video testimonials.

It is not for man to argue and fight with his destiny but to embrace it willingly. This is my calling and I have been chosen to help the people who need help and cannot find any. The people who need HopeMedicine will find me one way or the other. My path is extremely difficult, painful and has unimaginable hardships but it is my destiny. Seeing patients recover and get better from so much pain and sorrow is my ultimate reward.

As cautious as I want to be about claims, it is hard for me to contain my enthusiasm. With the help of a few devoted people, I am making the “HopeMedicine” water available worldwide and free for all. 

For severe conditions that did not respond to, or stopped responding to treatment with Hopemedicine water, special treatment is required, and can be obtained by contacting us.

Thank you for taking time to visit our website and may you find the healing you are looking for.

DISCLAIMER: The hopemedicine.org website is designed for general information only. Any information on this site is not to be construed as formal medical advice, nor formation of a healer/patient relationship. Persons accessing this site are encouraged to seek medical advice regarding their individual medical issues.

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