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Our free treatment helps 90% of conditions. However, when a patient does not respond well to the free treatment or in a limited way, further and more powerful treatment is required.

This is why Healer Usman Baloch offers personalized healing sessions.

HopeMedicine Heals all Physical, Mental, and Emotional Conditions

Traditional medicine often focuses solely on treating symptoms, but true healing goes deeper. HopeMedicine Energy Healing delves into the root causes of illness, addressing imbalances on physical, emotional, and energetic levels in both acute and chronic conditions.

By working with your body’s natural energy systems, we can facilitate profound healing that extends far beyond the surface.

Chronic conditions can be incredibly challenging, often resistant to conventional treatments. However, HopeMedicine Energy Healing offers a gentle yet potent approach to managing these conditions. Whether you’re struggling with chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, or digestive issues, our therapies can provide relief by addressing the underlying energetic imbalances that contribute to your symptoms.

Acute conditions require fast intervention. HopeMedicine can provide immediate relief.

Mental and Emotional Health

Mental health is a state of emotional and mental well-being. It is the ability to live a normal life without being affected by stress, anxiety, or depression. Mental health can be affected by many factors, such as family history, genetics, trauma, and abuse.

Energy healing heals emotional distress by working on the root cause of the problem rather than just dealing with the symptoms.

Energy healing sessions with the Usman Baloch system work fast and are, in most cases, more effective than expensive treatments like therapy or psychiatry.

They also provide the best treatment in case of addiction.

Post-COVID or Long-COVID Syndrome

Post-covid syndrome is a new disease with no specific cure or known treatment. In serious cases, the sufferer experiences fatigue and social and professional life problems as they are unable to take part in any social activities due to their condition. They feel exhausted all the time and feel pain in certain areas of their body, as well as a reduction in their cognitive abilities. 

They suffer from both acute and chronic conditions that were aggravated.

Start taking our free HopeMedicine treatment immediately, and contact us for a healing session with Usman Baloch.


The scope of action of HopeMedicine does not stop to physical and psychological conditions.

Is your relationship strained? Is it causing you stress and worry? We can help.

Relationships are not always easy to navigate, especially as they change with time and situation. We can help you improve any relationship:

  • Issues within a couple
  • Dealing with a preteen or teenager
  • Adjusting to aging parents
  • Stress and difficulties with a coworker
  • Blended families
  • Co-parenting with ex-spouse