Broken Vertebra And Spinal Cord Treatment With HopeMedicine - July 2018

Alslamo alicum , my name is Muhammad Hashim. I live in village 138 TDA in District Layyah. In an accident my back bone broke , two disks broke down. Immediately they sent me to General Hospital Lahore for surgery.

I had two broken vertebras (t11 – t10) and suffered a spinal cord injury. The doctors stabilized my injured vertebrae with metal plates. on next visit the doctors informed me that my spinal cord was badly damaged and not functioning or has stopped functioning, that maybe it would work again and maybe not and that there is no treatment possible in modern medicine.

I was paralyzed from that vertebra down to my feet. After that, we tried many alternative medicines from famous people of Mureed Kay, Darya Khan, and Havely Lakha. I tried many medicines but did not get any benefit at all, rather they gave me problems with my to stomach or urine, etc… Sometimes my liver feels affected and sometimes my kidney seems to react to these medicines and some new problem arise then I stop using these medicines.

After that accident, I suffered from severe constipation with stool that did not pass sometimes for 3 to 4 days, and I had to use drops named Sikilex and I have to use them continuously. I had no control over my urine, urine continuously leaked drop by drop and make my bed and clothes dirty all the time during for 3 years.

I had this accident in 2015 and since then I have been in bed with a paralyzed body and no control over urine, and, due to dirty bed and clothing, I suffered bed-wounds on my back. Last time it was so big that there was a big hole in my back and it took a long time to heal.

After that accident, the doctors said that they had fixed my vertebras with plates and there was no treatment for spinal cord damage, so no medicine. Due to other herbal medicine I tried, I had a loss of appetite, bad stomach, heat in kidneys etc…

Then brother Akbar gave me a medicine named “hope” and I am much better now. The wounds on my back are healed. I feel hungry and my appetite is better, and I don’t suffer from constipation like before when I passed stools once a day and had no control over my urine. Now my brain tells sometimes that I need to urinate or drops of urine coming out but cannot stop it.

My lower body was dead before with no sensation at all even if you pricked anywhere, I had no feeling, no pain at all but now I can feel pain in both of my legs.

I had no sensation below vertebras t11 – t10 and I was not able to sit like this, as you can see me sitting now on my own. Somebody has to hold me to sit like this, and even to eat food someone has to hold me for support or I would fall without it. Now I can control my upper body, my wife hold my legs so I can pull myself up and sit on a wheelchair on my own and come back from the wheelchair to the bed on my own. I feel pain in my legs now but so far cannot move them by myself.

I am hopeful because, if so much has improved in the last 8-10 weeks, I am positive that I will soon move them too.

Mr. Akbar gave me this medicine that I am using for free. I am very poor, I cannot afford to pay for treatment at all. So much has changed for me and I have referred him to my relative as well. They are not suffering from an injury like me. One has hepatitis and others suffer from other diseases such as diabetes etc… and they give me feedback that they are improving too.

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