Broken Vertebra And Spinal Cord Treatment With HopeMedicine – September 2018

Broken Vertebra And Spinal Cord Treatment With HopeMedicine – September 2018

Broken Vertebra And Spinal Cord Treatment With HopeMedicine - September 2018

Bismi Allah I Alrehmani Alrahemi assalam o alicum. My name is Muhammad Hashim from Ada 5 Mile Chack 138 Tda City District Layyah.

In 2015, I had an accident. My spine was crushed and I had surgery in Lahore General Hospital. They put plates in my spine and, with this and some help, I could sit if someone held me. All my lower body from the chest down was paralyzed. The doctors said that my spinal cord was damaged and that they had no treatment for that. The only thing they could do was to fix the vertebra with plates.
Since then, I was completely bedridden for about 3 years and I could not sit at all.

Did you get other treatments as well?

Yes, alternative medicine treatments. I went to many famous places like Muredkay, Hawely Lakha, Dera Ismail Khan and Mian Wali and got natural, herbal medicines, oils etc… but I showed no improvement. (previous video has details of side effects of these treatments). My lower body was completely dead, I could not feel anything at all, had no control over urine and even no feeling for urination, no movement at all, no feeling for wounds or pinprick.

Four months back, Brother Usman Baloch gave me HopeMedicine (famous as Hope Water) and, thanks to this, I have lots of pain and feeling in my lower body. Sometimes I feel as my whole right leg is in connection with my brain. I feel pain most of the time but sometimes I feel a connection between my right leg and my brain.
Also, before using this Hope Water, if I had a wound it did not heal for some time, for one year or even longer, up to two years. Now all these wounds are almost gone and, if I have a something new, it heals in a week time. Other than this, the skin on my legs is very fresh and shiny.

Before using HopeMedicine, on my whole paralyzed body, the skin was dry and dull with small wounds every there and now. It is gone. Now my skin is very bright and fresh, and I try to focus on my feet.

My feet have vibrations and movement but, until now, it is not completely controlled by my brain. I am very hopeful however that, with this medicine, I will have complete control over my body again one day.

Now I ride my wheelchair. My wife helps me a little bit and I can ride it on my own and travel 3 to 4 km every day easily. 4 months ago, if I just sit for fifteen minutes I had severe pain in my backbone. Now I can come back after a 4-to-5-hour ride in the wheelchair and feel no pain at all.

You were telling me about some change in your broken vertebra?
Before now, I had no sense or feeling from the point of operation to my feet but now, I can feel sensations below my back, like itching.

You were telling about your knee?

Yes, my right knee is now heavier. Before it was not like that and there was no feeling in my left side. Now, I can feel my left leg and sometimes I have a cold feeling in my left calf like someone has poured cold water on it. When I try to focus on my right toe, I start feeling pain. I cannot say if the movement is controlled by my brain or not but, when I focus on it, it does move and then the pain starts there. My brain feels the pain in the big toe.

As for me, I have great improvement in myself as I understand that I have a very serious problem and that a broken spinal cord is not treatable anywhere in the world. I understand the severity of my problem. So I am not saying that I will get cured immediately after I take the medicine. I know that, when the spinal cord shrinks, it stops working completely. I have a lot of improvement in my body as, if I sleep on one side, I can turn around myself.

Before I had a hopeless mindset, the disease was in my mind all the time. In 3 years, I never turned my body myself during my sleep. Now, sometimes when I wake up early morning, my heart says to stand up and walk. I never had these thoughts before. My brain connection was cut down. Now, I have these thoughts. Hopeful thoughts.

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