HopeMedicine Reduces Cancer Tumor by 25 %

HopeMedicine Reduces Cancer Tumor by 25 % https://youtu.be/27IhuBJy9DY Cancer tumor reduced to one fourth and I am back to life with HopeMedicine water given by a hospital. www.hopemedicine.org.HopeMedicine has helped me greatly. The pain I had while sitting or standing or moving is all gone, and the cancer tumor has shrunk by 25 % since […]

Lung Cancer And Tumor Improved With HopeMedicine

Lung Cancer And Tumor Improved With HopeMedicine https://youtu.be/myBNrxF4QHM HopeMedicine helps patient with lung cancer and lung tumors. I am from Layyah City. Four months ago, my grandmother was very ill. We thought she had pneumonia and we took her to Islamabab for treatment. After one month, she hadn’t improved and we took her to Sargodha […]

Improvement of a Throat Cancer Patient

Throat Cancer Patient Improves with HopeMedicine, Goes Back to House Duties I am Perveen from Layya District, I live in 5 Merla Schem in Layyah City. My husband’s name is Manzoor Hussain. I was diagnosed with throat cancer nine years ago. I tried every possible treatment and even some costly treatment but nothing worked. I […]

Patient With Liver Cancer Cured With HopeMedicine

AHopeMedicine Advanced Treatment was given successfully to stage 2, 3 and 4 cancer patients such as Muhammad Asraf, who was in intensive care with liver cancer in 2015. “When the doctor told me that my father may not regain consciousness and that I should mentally prepare myself, I felt as if someone has punched me […]