Consultations/healing sessions by Dr. Usman Baloch

Consultations/healing sessions by Dr. Usman Baloch

Consultations/healing sessions by Dr. Usman Baloch

Consultations/healing sessions by Dr. Usman Baloch

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Hi everybody, my name is Usman Baloch. People know me with HopeMedicine and before that they know me for a long time for cupping.

HopeMedicine is plain water, but the water is energized through a scientific method and it becomes the most advance and the most powerful medicine ever know to human kind so far in this modern age. And anyone can try this medicine, it is very easy.

You just have to send a picture of your water bottle to our Telegram group. Once you send the picture, we energize your water and you can start using as we describe, taking one deep breath and smiling and saying some words of gratitude. And that’s it. You have to use it after every hour and sometime half hour depending on the condition of the patient. It is free for everybody. Anyone can try.

It is good for Cancer, for blood pressure, sugar, skin problems, and kind of pains. Anybody can use it, there is not charges. Besides that, I offer paid calls, anyone can have 5 calls and they feel no improvement after 5 calls they can take their money back. But I promise 50% improvement for the condition they have called for, either it is pain or any other thing.

Third, I have full treatment for anything. With this people have to do nothing. They just have to receive certain agreed amount of medicine through broadcasting, and they improve. And again, it is with money back guarantee if patient does not improve then they can take their money back.

Right now, we have with us Cecile Becquey from Canada. She has used initially 2 years back free water, HopeMedicine, after that she started using the paid treatment. So we welcome her and we requested her to share her experience with us. Thank you Cecile.

“I started with take HopeMedicine water in early 2021. I was desperate to find something to help my daughter (6 at the time) with her growing anxiety, separation anxiety, and eczema on her hands. I was also myself not in a good place mentally and emotionally.

When we started the water I saw a change in both of us. Her anxiety started getting better, separation was easier, her hands started healing, and we were both happier. Life stopped feeling like a burden. It was amazing to me the changes, some gradually, some instant.

A month or so after starting with HopeMedicine Water, my period started. Something I dreaded every month. Since I could remember I suffered from debilitating back pains when it would start. I also sometimes had headaches, and bloating, and the mood swings associated with PMS, but the back pains, I could not function because of the pain.

I remember in high school, missing days because of it, or leaving in taxi because I could not handle the pain. The same happened when I entered the workforce.

Doctors all told me the same. It is normal. Some people have more pains than others. They prescribed strong pain killers that would knock me out for hours. Said it would get better after childbirth. Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, I always got to same answer that I basically had to learn to live with the pain and learn to manage it as best as I could.

I felt there was no hope for relief and dreaded the start of my cycle every month. 24 years, I suffered, until I had my daughter. And everyone was right, I felt relieved that I no longer had pains. Until my daughter was around two and the pains started getting progressively worse every month. So, in March 2021, I contact Dr. Usman to set up a call to help me.

I had experienced what the free water could do, and since there was a money back guarantee, I figured I really had nothing to lose. My pain started in the middle of the night, and I got cold knowing the pain would keep increasing.

I called him. His suggestion and advice felt a little odd at first. He brought up issues buried deep inside my brain and asked me to accept them. Some made sense, some where surprising. But I as did breathing and accepted each issue, my pain started disappearing. By the end of the call, I was pain free.

Not only that, 20 months later, I do not suffer from any pains. No PMS, no headaches, no bloating, and I am now pain free with no medication. It has changed my life.”

Thank you very much Cecile. So this is one option, anybody can try, first they have option to use free water, and then these 5 calls are for everybody, for any kind of disease, from Cancer, for heart patients, for pains, for any condition, anybody call and take this opportunity if they don’t feel 50% improvement we just return the money.

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