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Depression, Breast Lumps And Cancer

My name is Francoise and I suffered from depression for all my life, including postpartum. In 1977, I was treated with drugs that made me feel more miserable than ever, and a psychotherapy that I cut short as it was leading nowhere. I decided to stop taking the drugs on my own in spite of doctors’ advice, so I could stop feeling like a zombie. It was hard.

I got married twice, I have a husband and three children that I love dearly, and grandchildren. I have known the joy and the hardship of motherhood, of professional success and failure, and managed never to let anyone know how lost, empty and desperate I have always felt.

Later in my life, I learnt about holistic medicine and the principle that all diseases start at the spiritual level. By spiritual, I don’t mean religion or any other entity that people relate to as a spiritual place. Spirit is where you feel joy, love, where you live your inner life, a place of your own that no one can take away from you. It’s your soul, the entity that makes you whole. It’s the place where you feel deeply, where you hold your dreams and, most importantly, your hopes.

Everything I lived went through my intellect, through my mind and through my heart, and a great sense of responsibility. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, I love my friends and I am a compassionate and giving person. I just could not love myself and feel fully happy. I went through life doing the best I could, thinking that I was bound to suffer and all I could do was going through the motions. I saw people who seemed to really enjoy life and wondered how they were doing it, and why I couldn’t.

I spent fifteen years raising three children on my own. I owned and managed a business at the same time. People always wondered how I did it and told me how strong I was. Little did they know this was saving me from feeling the harshness of my emptiness.

A broken spirit naturally leads to disease. In 2013, I had cancer of the uterus and was fortunate enough to be treated with homeopathic medicine and heal. However, later on, I had another cancer and testing showed other cancers coming up. Follow up testing showed the other cancers were false positives but one thing was certain: I was in a precancerous state. 

Life went on. I didn’t say a word to  my husband or my children as I didn’t want to worry them for nothing since I thought I would heal.  However I remember being in the office after I first heard I had 5 possible cancers, working as if nothing had changed, but hiding in a room by myself at times to catch my breath and hide my anxiety. At night, I was taking natural remedies to help me sleep. The anxiety would take a hold of me and I would close my eyes and wish this would end. I wanted help, I wanted a miracle. In the morning, I didn’t want to wake up as sleeping was taking me away from it all. Then another cancer showed up, which disappeared after my gallbladder was removed.

At this point, you can only imagine my struggle. I worked as a promoter of holistic medicine for two decades, mainly homeopathy, edited and published textbooks on homeopathy. I ate organic foods, avoid chemicals and there I was, dangerously sick.

And then one day, I got my miracle. I was contacted through LinkedIn by a man named Usman Baloch, a healer from Pakistan who claimed he had a cure for cancer. He was reaching out to let people know about his medicine, called HopeMedicine.

I have to point out that I have long refused to be a victim of the limitations of conventional medicine. Clinical studies don’t mean much to me when millions of people are not being helped. Therefore, the lack of medical studies didn’t deter me. I felt this man had a genuine and noble purpose and started a long conversation with him.

It didn’t take long before he started helping me. I took HopeMedecine and felt something very strong happening to me. My depression vanished. Not only all the lumps I had in my breast disappeared within 3 weeks – that’s were my precancerous condition was – but I started feeling alive. Gone was a lifetime of depression!

HopeMedicine has healed me in ways I could not fathom. It restored my health by first restoring my spirit. I learned later on that it contains a mystery component that can actually mend broken spirits. Usman Baloch has dedicated his life to searching a powerful way to heal people and he found it. Thousands of people are benefiting from it every day. As for me, I don’t need clinical studies, I don’t need more testimonials, the healing I experienced is extraordinary and I am grateful beyond words.

With that in mind, I joined a fibromyalgia group on Facebook and let them know about HopeMedicine, hoping that I could help. I had no response. Same with a support group for depression. All I see are discussions about the latest pharmaceutical drug backed by clinical studies, and pain and despair. Unfortunately, they go together. Moreover, I see myself in these sufferers as I suffered for a long time while accepting my fate, not knowing any better. Until now…

I was granted the great privilege to help and build this website. I am writing my true testimonial today for all of you, sick in any way, suffering from mental, emotional or physical pain, all of you feeling the depth of despair. There is hope, right here, right now. Throw away your preconceived ideas, throw away everything you know, just feel your longing for healing, your desire to end your pain and, just like I did, try it and you will trust.

My name is Francoise and I was healed.