Diabetic Patient Helped with HopeMedicine

Diabetic Patient Helped with HopeMedicine

Diabetic Patient Helped with HopeMedicine

Diabetic helped with HopeMedicine

Alslamo alicum. My name is Shakel Ahmed from Lahore. My wife has been sick for a very long time. About six or seven years ago, she suffered from right foot numbness after being diagnosed with diabetes, and she became very week. We tried doctors, hakeem, alternative medicine and everything else for her treatment but nothing worked.

Her diabetic problems increased with time and then it started affecting other organs. Her kidneys were damaged, her knee pain was so bad that it became difficult for her to even sit or stand on her own. If she sat, it was difficult to stand up. If she was standing up, it was difficult to seat.

At first, she was taking medication for her blood sugar and later doctors advised her to start insulin. Even with insulin, her fasting sugar was 250-300 instead of the normal fasting range of 70-120. Lately, her blood sugar level was up to 400 or more on some days. She was so weak that sitting or standing on her own became difficult. It is not a complaint but we were not blessed with children so I had to take care of her and she takes care of me.

We are very thankful that, after taking this HopeMedicine water for about 2 months, her blood sugar level is nearly normal without any insulin or tablets.

Before using this HopeMedicine water, she complained that it was difficult to sit or stand up and then she could only sit for five or ten minutes. Now she sits comfortably for ten to fifteen minutes and she can walk to perform her daily duties. She still had some problem with her legs but cure takes time. Before, she was hopeless. Now, after taking this “HopeMedicine” water she has hope that she will completely recover soon.

Before taking this HopeMedicine water, offering prayer was very difficult, going to the washroom on her own was very difficult, and doing some cooking for both of us was very difficult. Now she can provide for her own needs by herself. In short, 50% of her walking issues are resolved and now she can wall comfortably and she can sit for half an hour or even for one hour.

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