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How much HopeMedicine healing energy do you need to treat your condition?

The dosages below are given as general indication and represent the maximum treatment duration. Patients suffering from severe conditions might use several packs at once at the beginning of their treatment or for a certain period of time, therefore the amount they buy will not last as long as indicated below:

  • Stage 1: disease in 1 organ but not life-threatening  – one energy pack per week
  • Stage 2: disease in 2 organs but not life-threatening – 2 energy packs a week
  • Stage 3: disease in 3 organs but not life-threatening – 3 energy packs a week
  • Stage 4: life-threatening disease but the patient is still mobile – 4 energy packs a week

Packs are delivered through direct broadcasting technology, 100% absorption, no shipping or handling, no delay.

Make Your Treatment More Powerful:

Holistic medicine recognizes that disease starts at the spiritual level, and HopeMedicine heals the spirit as well as the disease. Due to this spiritual dimension, approaching healing with hope and positivity, being grateful and sharing with the purpose of giving hope to others (testimonials, postings etc…) will enhance the recovery of the patient taking HopeMedicine.

DISCLAIMER: The website is designed for general information only. Any information on this site is not to be construed as formal medical advice, nor formation of a healer/patient relationship. Persons accessing this site are encouraged to seek medical advice regarding their individual medical issues.

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