What Can HopeMedicine Help?


Healer Usman Baloch realized his vision of creating a universal medicine that would work for all symptoms and diseases. This formula helps 90% of patients to a certain degree, from alleviating symptoms to experiencing complete healing.

First, Open Your Mind 

In conventional modern medicine, the typical approach involves pharmaceutical companies searching for drugs to treat specific diseases.

In the realm of energy healing, however, a different and remarkable path unfolds. Scientists engaged in its study were driven by the desire to comprehend this healing modality’s surprising effectiveness and its benefits.

Pioneers like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein paved the way for the eventual embrace of energy healing, and doubts are now cast aside as the undeniable efficacy of energy healing is gaining recognition. 

The opportunity to experience the positive effects of energy healing is available today without needing further endorsement. Why delay seeking its benefits any longer?

After all, you are here because you did not find a solution to your current issue. 

Why Is It Free?

HopeMedicine treatment is part of a worldwide humanitarian initiative. The vision of its creator is for people of any race, religion, social status, rich or poor, to have equal access to treatment.

What Is HopeMedicine Made Of?

HopeMedicine is an advanced energy healing system currently used by over 50,000 patients. It contains the energy of thousands of ingredients from natural sources such as herbals, minerals, salts, metals, gems, precious stones, animal substances, colors, and universal energy, all prepared according to ancient and little-known techniques.

It is a unique and exclusive energetic formula that can be transferred into liquid substances or broadcasted directly to patients for instant absorption and action anywhere around the world through distance healing.

Try HopeMedicine Now

You can obtain our free HopeMedicine energized water instantly and at no cost whatsoever. It works well for all acute or chronic conditions. 

Consider the HopeMedicine water as a smart water that will work wherever it is most beneficial for you first. For example, you might be taking it for a skin disorder, and it could first work on your sleep, or you might be taking it to resolve a hormonal disorder, and it will work on your nervous system first. In the process, you will feel a reduction of your acute symptoms almost immediately.
No matter what, you will improve if you follow the instructions as faithfully as you would take a prescription medication from your doctor. 
Also, it is essential for you to monitor your progress, as people have a tendency to forget symptoms when they are gone. Download this sheet. Write the list of your most prominent symptoms on the left, and grade them every day. This way you can assess the effectiveness of HopeMedicine water accurately.
Ninety percent of patients report notable improvement or complete healing. More potent treatment is necessary in resisting, severe or life-threatening conditions.
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Ordering Your Free Water Is Easy:

  1. Join our Urdu WhatsApp group, (Urdu & English languages) or US & Canada WhatsApp group (English & French languages).* Alternatively, you can join our Telegram group. 
  2.  Take a picture of the water you want to energize. It could be a bottle, several, a few gallons… You can also use tea, fruit juice, milk, soda, or any other drinks; whatever you need and as many times as you need.
  3.  Upload this picture to the group of your choice.  As the picture is uploaded, your water gets energized.

Dosage & Instructions:

glass of water isolated on white background
cup of tea

1 – Take one glass of water 5 times a day. No specific quantity and no specific time; whatever works for you.

2 –  After you drink your water, take 10 deep breaths and say/think words of gratitude with each breath.

3 – While taking these 10 deep breaths, smile. 

Note that every element is essential: drinking the water, breathing, gratitude, and smiling. 

This energized water is very potent yet safe. However, 


Your feedback is most appreciated. 

Dosage For Animals

All animals, big and small, can benefit from taking HopeMedicine.

Take a picture of the water you give to your animal and upload it to the group as you would do for yourself. Let it drink it at will.

If your animal is very sick, you can take deep breaths and smile on its behalf.

How To Get The Apps:

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Usman’s journey to founding HopeMedicine is remarkable. Despite starting his career with a Master’s in Computer Science and a Commerce degree in 2000, his passion always laid in helping the less fortunate. He embarked on a journey across Pakistan, studying herbal remedies from ancient manuscripts and connecting with like-minded professionals.

In 2006, he began treating patients with cupping therapy, achieving exceptional results. Encouraged by this success, he opened his first clinic in Lahore in 2011. However, he felt limited in his ability to help more people.

Usman’s innovative thinking led him to introduce nanotechnology, radionics, other technologies and the principles of quantum physics into his treatment in 2014, making it less invasive and more effective. He also began to trust and follow directions from his extraordinary “knowledge” from within, which guided his unconventional path through seclusion, fasting, and hardship.

In 2015, he developed HopeMedicine by extracting energy from various natural substances. He distributed this medicine to the needy, and word of miraculous healings spread. It is now available to all.

Year after year, his commitment to helping those in need and his dedication to research and development ensure that HopeMedicine continues to evolve and reach more people worldwide.


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