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During a healing session with Usman, finding the root of your problem is key. 

When your subconscious has negative issues, it sends signals to your body to alert you of their existence, so they can be resolved.

The problem is that these signals, which translate through physical, mental and emotional symptoms, are deeply buried in your subconscious. How can you address these issues if you are not aware of them?

Usman can help you find them and resolve them during your healing session. He will discuss your health issues with you and send you the appropriate treatment remotely at the same time.

See what one healing session did for a young woman after she suffered from debilitating menstrual pain for 24 years.

Have you ever seen this in the conventional medical field? This is how confident Usman is in his treatment.

How Does It Work?

Usman’s treatments are life-changing. After he finds the issues that caused your condition, he will start your treatment, and you will quickly experience the power of his extraordinary knowledge and abilities, learning about yourself in the process.

If you can say “yes” to all the following questions, Usman’s treatment will work on you like nothing else, and you will heal.

  • Do you understand the principle of Usman’s healing methodology, which is to find the issues causing you pain or disease in your subconscious and help resolve them?  
  • Do you agree to let him access this information?
  • Do you accept that Usman will communicate this information to you as a neutral messenger?
  • Do you accept that you are not responsible for the issues in your subconscious and, therefore, cannot be blamed or judged for them? 
  • Do you understand that by addressing these negative issues in your subconscious and allowing a better flow of positive energy, Usman can help you overcome these hurdles so you can heal and improve physically, emotionally, and financially?

When you trust this, you will see miracles happen in all aspects of your life.

Depending on the session(s) you purchase, it will be conducted via WhatsApp messages, phone, or video. 

How Do I Book My Session?

After you place your order, contact us to schedule your healing session with Usman.

For monitoring purposes, download this form, make a list of your symptoms, and grade them.