HopeMedicine Cures Psoriasis in Patient

Psoriasis treatment with “Hope Medicine”
I am a resident of Dist. Layyah. My name is Mazhar Hussain and I have been sick for last 3 years. It was some kind of allergy, skin eruptions and blisters spread on my body and when they burst fluid discharge start coming out of this.
I visited almost every Doctor in Layyah city but nothing helped even a little bit. Brother Ghulam Akbar was giving this “Hope Medicine” to some patients when I walked pass him and, seeing my bad condition, he himself called me and asked me to use this Hope Medicine. He gave me Hope Medicine water to drink and it acted like a miracle on my body. He gave me enough for forty days and, in just twenty days, I am seventy percent healed.
I called him to inform him that, with your medicine, with the order of Allah, I am healing. Sores can still be seen on my back. My hands are almost clear, only discoloration is left on my hands. Before, I was not able to do any work but now, thanks to my newly healed hands, I can earn a living for my kids. You can clearly see my hands.
How long were you under a doctor’s treatment?
Almost 3 years. I had prescriptions for creams and injections which cost me 300 or 400 every time.

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