HopeMedicine Helps A Woman Walk Again

Pain in the leg after an accident gone with HopeMedicine

First Woman: What is your name?
Second woman (who is sitting on chair): Sehr!
First woman: During the month of Ramadan, you were not able to walk so you drunk the water?
Second woman: Yes!
First woman: Where do you live?
Second woman: Firstly, I use to live in P.I.B colony. Then we moved to “Allah Wala” town. My husband has died. He was suffering from sugar. His leg was amputated.
First woman: So your children are living with their aunt?
Second woman: Yes!
First woman: You were telling that you can walk a bit now.
Second woman: Yes I am able to walk with the help of (some) support.
First woman: Ok. Now you are sitting in front of us. Have you felt better after drinking this water?
Second woman: Yes!
First woman: Do you want to take more of this water?
Second woman: Yes!

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