HopeMedicine Helps Old Woman After Surgeries And Tumors

HopeMedicine Helps Old Woman After Surgeries And Tumors

HopeMedicine Helps Old Woman After Surgeries And Tumor

Peace be unto you! My name is Ghulam Akbar Battawa. I came to know that she is in distress.

I gave her the medicine prepared with vinegar and honey and advised her to use it. By the blessing of Allah Almighty, she has improved a lot after using this medicine.

First of all, I want to discuss the detail about (the problems) of this old lady.

About 4 years ago, she suffered from four diseases within a year and she has also undergone three surgeries.

The First surgery was performed to remove the stone in her stomach. Later on, she underwent the surgery of glands. Then the surgery was performed for removing the tumors.

She also had a heart problem. So, her overall position was so poor that she lied to bed.

She was unable to continue her business. Even, she was facing difficulty in walking.

As soon as I came to know about her, I reached here and started her treatment (i.e. gave her the medicine to use it). According to this old lady, even having expensive treatments of heart and other problems, she had not felt a clear improvement in her health but within twenty days after using this medicine, she has felt 70% improvement in her health status.

Earlier, she was unable to have 2-4 strides without the support of stick but at the moment, by the blessing of Allah Almighty, now she is able to walk without taking the support of a stick and is able to work.

It’s a great fortune of this old lady that her health has recovered. After the medicine finished, she called me for the medicine again which I gave her today on time.
This old lady has impressed so much with the medicine and says that by the blessing of Allah Almighty, this medicine is useful.
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