HopeMedicine Helps Reduce Blood Sugar And Heart Problems in Patient

Diabetes reduced to normal in 22 Year old Diabetes and heart disease

My name is Syed Jamat Ali Shah. I have been a diabetic patient for the last 22 years, with a long history of heart problem. Recently, this has affected me more seriously physically, emotionally and financially and, due to my high blood sugar levels, it became difficult for me to even handle my business. Walking has become difficult. I was worried and very stressed as, only 5 days ago, my blood sugar level was 578. On that day, I did not eat, I fasted all day.

It is then that I heard about you through word-of-mouth. Upon the first treatment, my blood sugar level came down to 465. After 4 days of taking “Hope Medicine,” I am much better. I am walking again and attending my family and business routines. When asked if I am taking medicines for diabetes, I say I am not as I have stopped any medication, including heart medication. I am only taking the “Hope Medicine” water Brother Ahmed gave me.

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