HopeMedicine Helps Reduce Sugar Level, Improve Asthma and Respiratory Problems

Asthma and diabetic patient improved after taking HopeMedicine. Peace be unto you! My name is Abdullah. My caste is Mirani Baloch. I belong to Village Shah Nawaz, District Layyah. Suffering from Asthma, Respiratory problem and sugar for the last five years and used to purchase medicine for it which used to cost 500-800 per week. I used to feel well if taking medicine regularly (for the last five years) and on stopping the medication problems used to arise again. Then I stopped these treatments and went to a Hakeem. He gave some herbs. I used to feel well as far as I am taking medicine (herbs). There is a person name Fauji Iqbal. He met with Ghulam Akbar who gave him a drop of medicine dissolved in water.

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