HopeMedicine Helps Woman with Acid Reflux and G.E.R.D.

Acid reflux, GERD with nausea and vomiting gone, skin problem improved.
My name is Sabra Begum. I was a chronic stomach pain patient, I was in great pain. It was so difficult after every meal that, sometimes, I passed out. Since Mr. Ahmed Server visited our old home and I started using HopeMedicine, now I can eat food after taking 2 bottles of HopeMedicine.
I was so disturbed and hopeless, sometimes I cried and cried, not knowing what to do. We cannot afford treatment from private doctors, we are poor and living in an old home. We don’t have enough to spend on private doctors and the medicine that government doctors prescribes never worked for me.
When Mr. Ahmed asked questions:
– How long have you been sick?
– I have been sick for many years and the last three years were the worst
– Did it affect your skin as well?
– My skin has improved a lot. Before, I had severe itching all over my body
– Show your hands
– It is very dry and rough. I just feel like I have needles now, it is much better
– Did you also suffer from constipation?
– Yes, for a very long time
– How is it now?
– A little bit better, I can now pass a stool every other day. I am thankful now that I can eat food, I was dreaming that I could eat rice again every day.

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