HopeMedicine Helps Woman With Disabling Foot Disease Walk Again

First woman: For the last five months, I have been living in Dar-Ul-Sukun, as my brother sold the house.
First woman: I have a younger brother. He sold the house. So he was put on trial.
Second woman: Have you not received your share?
First woman: It is not the matter of share.
Second woman: Ok. Now tell me how much improvement you felt after using the water I had given you during the month of Ramadan?
First woman: So, I came here five months ago. We live and eat and everything is okay here and the lady visited here and gave water. After using this water, my feet recovered from the illness. Although the proper assessment of the recovery will be evident after I will go out alone and walk as to know that how much improvement has occurred. Here I am able to walk without a stick.
Second woman: So, Do you need more water?
First woman: Yes, It will be good if you give (more water). So, now I am feeling well. See! Allah creates the resources and may I able to walk around (properly) by this resource (hope water). Pray for my complete recovery. I was okay during the last 35 years and used to walk around on foot but since last year, I am suffering from this illness.

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