HopeMedicine Improves Back Pain Stomach Disease and Asthma in Patient

Asthma, knee pain, stomach ache (Pakistan)
My name is Sabir, from Lakarwala. I was sick for last six month and took this “Hope Medicine” and used it for 3 days and now I am much better.
My wife had multiple issues for the last year, she had tumors, stomach aches, knee pain, she also used this Hope water for 3 days and she is better now.
My mother had asthma and back ache and she used this hope water for three days, her asthma is gone but she still has a backache.
How long were you sick?
Over six months.
What exactly was your problem?
I had severe lower back pain that goes all the way from legs to feet.
How many days you used this hope water before you felt improvement?
I am well after three days.
What was your wife suffering from?
She had severe knee pain and stomach ache, and tumors throughout the body and I understand these tumors will take time to dissolve but her stomach ache is gone and her knee pain is much better only after using this Hope water for three days.
What was your mother suffering from?
She had asthma and severe back pain. Her asthma is gone after using this Hope water for three days but the back pain is still there.

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