HopeMedicine reduces pain in patient with kidney failure and bladder problems

We belong to village Bosaar of Sukkur.
My son’s name is Mansoor Haider. He has been studying. He completed his MSc (Master of Science).
After that he completed his M.Phil, he was employed in Allied Bank.
Because of a sudden rise in blood pressure or due to any other reason, he fell ill. Initially, he had the intermittent problem of urine retention and pain while urinating. This problem used to resolve after taking medications.
Then we came to you for his treatment. One month ago, we had given him the HopeMedicine and we have observed an improvement of his condition as a result.
Now, he is feeling better compared to earlier. After taking HopeMedicine, he can eat food and he can walk. Furthermore, now he does not feel tired.
A week ago, he joined the group (HopeMedicine Healing Group). Before this, he had pain which used to become severe at times and less at the other times. Now the severity of pain has gradually decreased.
We have come to you for further treatment. I hope my son will recover soon. We want to continue with your treatment.
Ask him to describe the problems he is suffering from. Let us know about your current problems. Describe the problems you are suffering from.
What do I feel?
What are the problems?
Oh! (Are you asking about) problems?
Like one problem you are suffering from is related to hearing. Yes, one of the problems is related to hearing. I am unable to hear. Second problem is the kidney failure. I am also suffering from the condition “Neurogenic Bladder” in which I am unable to urinate or to feel the urination. I have a catheter inserted in my bladder.
Furthermore, I have stones in both kidneys. I am also suffering from severe back and muscle pain.
So, these are the main problems I am suffering from.
What is the age of you son? He is twenty six years old. The 26th year has started from this August.

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