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What Is HopeMedicine Made Of?

Usman Baloch created an advanced technological system that allows him to extract the energy of medicinal ingredients and send this energy to patients through direct broadcast anywhere in the world.

Every source of healing and every ingredients available from nature and that can help is used for the benefit of the patient. These ingredients include herbals, minerals, metals, precious stones, animal substances, universal energy etc…

How Does HopeMedicine Work?

HopeMedicine heals the patient at the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and financial level.

Holistic medicine recognizes that disease starts at the spiritual level, therefore a patient will not be completely cured or will relapse until the spiritual hurdles are resolved. Gemstones and other proprietary and “mysterious” elements included in HopeMedicine heal patients’ spirit and open up the way for complete healing.

At the same time, all elements including elements from the animal, mineral, herbal kingdoms, as well as metals, universal energy and proprietary formulas are used to address the disease and physical, mental and emotional symptoms. 

Last but not least HopeMedicine removes hurdles preventing financial well-being , which in most cases helps alleviate great stress from sick patients.

HopeMedicine has no known side-effects.

HopeMedicine At Its Best

By addressing both spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and financial dis-eases, HopeMedicine places itself as a complete healing system, the only one of its kind.

HopeMedicine can be delivered through pellets by ordering from The netherlands. Direct broadcasting, which can be sent to any patient throughout the world, is more powerful as the absorption level is 100%.

Due to HopeMedicine spiritual dimension, approaching healing with hope and positivity, being grateful and sharing with the purpose of giving hope to others (testimonials, postings etc…) will enhance the recovery of the patient taking HopeMedicine.

DISCLAIMER: The website is designed for general information only. Any information on this site is not to be construed as formal medical advice, nor formation of a healer/patient relationship. Persons accessing this site are encouraged to seek medical advice regarding their individual medical issues.

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