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Helping Alleviate Pain And Suffering Among The Poor

HopeMedicine was created with one main goal in mind: to alleviate human suffering for people of any age, color, gender, religion, political preference, or social status, who are affected by chronic or degenerative disease.

There are people in the world who are extremely poor, sick, in pain, with no mean to obtain the care any human being should be entitled to. They have hardly have enough to eat, sometimes no roof over their head, let alone the means to access education or any kind of healthcare. These poverty-stricken human beings can obtain HopeMedicine at will in water form and free of charge through volunteers who facilitate local distribution.

We are looking for volunteers everywhere in the world. Volunteers can be doctors, free clinics, local organizations or any individual looking at making a difference. 

Dhaka, Bengladesh
Dheli, India
Ethiopia, Africa
Bogota, South America

Help If You Can

We need volunteers all over the world to distribute HopeMedicine to poor people suffering from chronic or degenerative conditions. Local volunteers are good-hearted individuals committed to helping the poor, doctors operating in free clinics or members of charitable hospitals around the world. 

Should you wish to volunteer to facilitate distribution in your local area, contact us via email.

How It Works

In Pakistan, local volunteers receive a bottle of special vinegar, put a drop of that vinegar into a bottle of water for their patients, and give them dosage instructions. 

In all other countries, local volunteers obtain energized water that they use to prepare more HopeMedicine for patients.

As a volunteer, you receive all instructions about dosage and updates as they come.

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