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in Istanbul, Turkey

Fall dates to be determined


Set In idyllic Istanbul, Turkey, Our Speed Healing retreats will bring you a unique healing experience that combines the best of East and West.

Situated at the centrally-located beachfront of Kumburgaz Marin Princess Hotel, this property is a bit tucked away from the bustle of the downtown area of Istanbul on the Marmara Sea. It offers a variety of amenities, such as a fitness center, a spa, pool, and a Turkish bath.  From standard rooms to luxurious suites, this hotel is reasonably priced.

Plan to arrive the day before the start of the retreat of your choice.


Learn More About Usman And His Extraordinary Journey To HopeMedicine

Find out about Usman’s extraordinary journey to HopeMedicine through a conversation with a patient. 

Written as text messages. Available for download at

“What you read and learn is one thing, but the energy hidden in my messages is much more than that. You receive it without knowing it. You do feel that energy in yourself, and your energy self is very fond of it. You want more and more of it. It’s like food and nutrition for your energy self, so it is refilled or fueled. Everyone who reads this book will find that this energy is there for them too. So, they will enjoy reading it again and again,” Usman tells Francoise.

Whether you seek physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial healing, you will find your answer in this story. The making of a truly remarkable connection between two strangers and their dedication to a common goal will inspire you. You will dream of creating your own story and become confident that you, too, can achieve the impossible.