Kidney Pain and Disease Improve Greatly with HopeMedicine

Kidney pain and disease healed with HopeMedicine

My name is Sakina. Many years ago, I had gone through (kidney) surgery.
How many years ago?
Twenty years ago. Since the brother has given water, by the blessing of Allah Almighty, I am feeling well. After taking this medicated water, I am better than ever.
Do you feel pain?
No, I don’t feel much pain. It has reduced to a great extent. I had a lot of pain earlier but now its severity has reduced.
Has the health improved since you have taken this medicated water?
Yes, I am feeling better now. I have been suffering from kidney pain for last twenty years. I had a lot of pain but now I am feeling better. Now I am able to walk long distances and use to work in homes. Before, I was unable to work. Now I am able to work in 2-3 homes and walk from Phase 4 to Qayyum Abad. Now I can walk.
It means you are feeling better than before.
So, What message do you want to give?
Now, I want more water as it proved useful to me. Instead of any other medication, I need this water.
Do you need to go to the doctor now?
No, I don’t need to go to the doctor.
Do you feel better than before?
Yes, I am feeling better.
That’s good. May Allah Almighty bless you with good health.
Now I work in homes as I have small children so, I cannot sit at house idler. Now, I am able to work. First, I used to feel uncomfortable in the night but now I am able to sleep comfortably.
My name is Sakina. I live in Qayyum Abad. I work in 2-3 homes. Earlier, I used to be in pain and was unable to work.
What was the problem?
I had kidney pain. I had gone through nephrectomy. Now I have only one kidney. The other was removed through surgery.
Earlier, were you able to work?
No, I was unable to work. I was able to work hardly in one or two homes. After taking this medicated water, I am able to work in 3-4 homes.
Were you able to walk a little bit?
Before, I could walk a little. Before I was able to walk a distance of 2 miles but 4-5 miles now (after using medicated water).
have only one kidney?
Yes, I have only one kidney.
When did you start taking this water?
I started taking this water since the month of Ramadan and I am still taking.
After taking this medicated water……………….
After taking this water, I haven’t taken any other medication. I haven’t even taken a tablet after taking this medicated water.
Are you comfortable now?
Yes, I feel comfortable nowadays. Now, I am able to sleep comfortably at night. Previously, I couldn’t climb the stairs and used to take rest in the middle of the stairs. Now I am able to climb all the stairs. My only kidney also had pain. After having a checkup, the doctor told that kidney stone is developing in it. I had a little bit pain in it but after taking this medicated water, I got complete relief from the kidney pain.

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