Kidney Stone Passed Without Pain With HopeMedicine

Kidney stone passed without pain with HopeMedicine.

My name is Masood Karim. I am a resident of Amir Town, Harbanspura.
In the mid of Ramadan, Ahmad gave me a water (Aab-e-Shifa). I am have been taking this water since last 20 days and am still taking it.
I had a kidney stone for the last three years. Two and half years ago, two stones were removed by taking a homeopathic medicine. After that, I still had pain. Now I started taking this water (Aab-e-Shifa) for the last 20 days.
As a result, a small stone was released and I thank to Allah Almighty that this stone was released without any pain.
This stone was released due to the medicine (Aab-e-Shifa) and I am showing you the size of the stone which was released.
Also took this medicated water (Aab-e-Shifa) for my other friends and family members and they are also feeling better.
May Allah Almighty bless him with reward and good health.

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