Lung Cancer And Tumor Improved With HopeMedicine

Lung Cancer And Tumor Improved With HopeMedicine

Lung Cancer And Tumor Improved With HopeMedicine

HopeMedicine helps patient with lung cancer and lung tumors.

I am from Layyah City. Four months ago, my grandmother was very ill. We thought she had pneumonia and we took her to Islamabab for treatment.

After one month, she hadn’t improved and we took her to Sargodha where she stayed for one month, but she did not improve.

Her family suggested that we take her to Lahore and she was admitted in Ghulab Devi Hospital. She stayed there for one month, they could not find anything to help so we brought her back home.

After some time at home, and seeing that her condition kept worsening, we took her to Jinnah Hospital in Lahore, where she was admitted. After being tested, the doctors told us she had lung cancer and there was no treatment available to help her.

We then took her to Shoukat Khanum cancer hospital in Lahore. She was treated for a few days and the doctors said she was incurable so we brought her back to Sarghodha.

Since we had lost all hope after trying every possible treatment, we met Mr. Ghulam Akbar and he introduced his medicine to us. He gave us HopeMedicine for free and this HopeMedicine is good for every disease. We immediately got it and gave it to our grandmother.

In just ten days, my grandmother, who was completely bedridden, started walking. After one month, she lives a comfortable life. She can eat normally and walk without any problem.

She has improved a lot and we are very thankful to Mr. Ghulam Akbar for his HopeMedicine. Thanks again.

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