Man Passes Kidney Stone Without Pain with HopeMedeicine And Avoids Surgery

What problem did your son-in-law have?
He had kidney stone.
He used to stumble and toss at home because of severe pain in his kidney. I came to know about your water. I came here to get it. I gave that water to my daughter and asked her to give this water to her husband. She did the same and it proved very beneficial. Surgery was avoided because of this water.
My daughter told me that when her husband sat down for urination, the kidney stone came out through urine, all of sudden.
Well! Thanks God.
Yes. Earlier, the doctor had recommended the surgery (Nephrostomy). That day, we had come back home because on that day, there were many patients in the civil hospital.
So, he started consuming this water and recovered. Now he has asked for more water. He has consumed two bottles of water. One bottle was consumed before the removal of stone and the other was consumed after the stone came out of the kidney through urine.
Well! How does he feel now?
Thanks to Allah Almighty, now he is fine. He lives in Model Colony which is away from here. So, I can’t deliver the water to him. Someone will come from there to take the water. That’s why I haven’t taken the water at the moment.
Ok. Let me know about your own health issue.
(After consuming this water), my blood pressure and sugar level was restored to normal values but now these are gradually increasing. I also have pain in my teeth.
Well, so initially you get fast recovery. It is true?
So start telling people about this water. You will also recover soon Insha’Allah (by the will of Allah Almighty).
My elder son has raised blood cholesterol level. Besides medication, he also consumed this water. I take this water and give it to him to consume. I also advise him not to waste even a single drop of it. Thanks to Allah Almighty, he remained healthy throughout the year.
Well! Alhamdulillah (All praises are for Allah Almighty).
Now he does not avoid any food and can eat every food item. Earlier he was advised to avoid many foods.

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