Woman With Infected Vocal Cords Heals With HopeMedicine And Avoids Surgery

Peace be upon you!
And peace be unto you!
What’s your name?
My name is Almas Sohail. My voice worsened (because of infection of vocal cards). I had persistent through infection. I was taking antibiotics regularly but still not feeling well. But since long I used this water, my voice didn’t worsen to the extent it used to get earlier. Alhamdulillah (All praises are for Allah Almighty).
How long have you been using this water?
I have consumed only one bottle.
Well! Did you not consume the water after that?
Yes! I didn’t consume the water again (as I got healthy after consuming one bottle).
So now you are here to take water for others.
Yes! Everyone who meets me, I use to tell them about this water. Alhamdulillah (All praises are for Allah Almighty)! It proves beneficial for the each person who uses it.
What was the problem with your throat?
My throat checkup was done by a throat specialist. He told me that there is a problem in my vocal cords and the health of vocal cords will be restored after undergoing the surgical intervention. So, the checkup of vocal cards which was going to happen was a difficult task. Through camera, it was to get clear about the current situation of throat and after that it was to be decided whether the surgical intervention is possible or not. It is usually said that once if vocal cords get worsen/have any problem, it is very difficult to restore them to normality.
Hmmmm….. Well!
I was very worried about this problem. Alhamdulillah! Now I am okay and after using this water, I haven’t visited the throat specialist.
Well! Did you start the use of water during the month of Ramadan?
Yes! I had visited you during the month of Ramadan and had taken the water from you.
So, did you consume only one bottle?
Yes, I consumed only one bottle.
Did you not need this water anymore?
(Yes, I recovered and didn’t need it to use again.)

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