My name is Tauseef Ahmad. I belong to Bahawalpur. I have been suffering from low back pain since last 6 to 7 years approximately from the year 2012-13 and onward. In medical term, the gap between the vertebrae was reduced because of which I used to suffer severe pain and the severity of illness was increasing day by day. My daily activities including walking, sitting and standing etc. were badly affected which were a cause of serious anxiety for me. I tried many treatments including Allopathic, Homeopathic, Herbal and all the other treatment options about which I came to know but they didn’t prove useful to me. I was getting disappointed while thinking that probably this disease was not curable. Doctors also used to say the same thing that yearly degeneration of bone i.e. vertebrae does not have any proper treatment and ultimately, surgical intervention is done to rectify it. So, this was really a disappointing situation for me. I was thinking that there is no other option except surgery but still there was no guarantee whether the surgery will be successful or not. My daily activities including walking around and driving etc. were restricted. I was unable to perform these routine tasks. Then I came to know about the Hope Medicine. I immediately contacted Mr. Usman Baloch and let him aware about my entire condition. He started treatment and provided me with the Hope Medicine which was in the form of tablets. I started taking this medicine. By the blessing of Allah Almighty, within few days, I started feeling better and my routine activities were improved gradually. I started feeling energized and my activities were restored while earlier this disease had made me to lie down on bed and reduced my routine activities to a greater extent. I started going to walk and was able to walk for 15 minutes while earlier it was reduced to 5 minutes. For the same duration i.e. 15 minutes, I can walk thrice a day. I do exercise also. Praise to be Almighty, now I am able to perform my routine activities in a very well manner. So, Hope Medicine has proved very useful to me. I would like to suggest this medicine to all those patients who think their illness is not curable or if they are tired of continuous treatment, they should immediately try Hope Medicine. This medicine is for poor as well as for rich. To poor, it is provided free of cost. It is in the form of water. Those who can afford should pay for this. In my opinion, it is a very useful medicine. It is the latest and scientific method of treatment having no side effects and you can easily get treated while sitting at your home and thus can recover from illness. So, I would like to request all the patients, brothers and sisters who have tried all other methods of treatment, must try Hope Medicine. By the blessing of Almighty, it will surely prove useful for you. This video of mine should be liked and shared. Those who will like and share it will also get benefit of it and will be provided with the free Hope Medicine which costs 1400 PKR. They themselves will feel better after using it. This video should be shared for the purpose of conveying information to those patients who are disappointed about the outcome of their treatments. They are disappointed about their life. They should adopt this new method of treatment. After taking this (Hope Medicine, Allah Almighty will bless them with good health and the happiness in their life will be restored. Thanks