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From the feedback obtained by thousands of patients,  it is estimated that 90% of patients using free HopeMedicine through the humanitarian initiative experience improvement or healing during their 100-day free trial, and 10% of patients need an Advanced Treatment to obtain lasting results. The advanced treatment for severe or advanced condition is one hundred times more effective. It is also subject to a fee and comes with a money back guarantee.

Most of the testimonials below are from people who received the free treatment.They are raw footage from poor people intimidated by technology but overcoming their hesitation just to express their gratitude. Most of them are uneducated and need some guidance to form the sentences that will describe the way they feel. The nature of their ailment however is genuine. Whether they talk about relief, improvement, cure, or just about being able to go back to work and provide for their family, there is no doubt that HopeMedicine has a profound effect on them. Their testimonials relate to the following conditions:

Acid Reflux – Arrhythmia – Asthma – Arthritis –  Back Pain – Broken Spinal Cord – Broken Vertebra – Cancer – Chronic Bronchitis – Chronic Diseases – Diabetes -Dizziness – Erysipelas – G.E.R.D – Hepatitis – Hyperactivity – Jaundice – Kidney Diseases – Joint Pain – Lung Diseases – Pain After Trauma or Surgery – Paralysis – Piles – Psoriasis – Sleep Disorders – Stomach Pain – Tumors – Vertebra – Vertigo – etc…

A Spectacular Recovery

Broken vertebra and spinal cord – 07/2018

Broken vertebra and spinal cord – 09/2018

April 27, 2020


Asthma gone in 15 days with HopeMedicine

Back pain, stomach disease and asthma

Respiratory disorder improved 

Bones and Joints

HopeMedicine improved her chronic joint pain 

Helps joint pain better than other treatments

Woman with disabling foot disease walks again

Severe arthritis pain alleviated 

Man’s joint pain greatly improved

Chronic joint pain, heavy legs, vertigo

Arthritis and jaundice patient improved

HopeMedicine Improves arm pain after accident


HopeMedicine reduces cancer tumor By 25 %

Throat cancer patient goes back to active

Lung cancer and tumor improved

Helped old woman after surgeries for tumors

75% recovery in cancer patient

Childhood leukemia symptoms improved


Heart rate back to normal after a heart attack

Man improves and stops heart medication 


Erysipelas disappears, diabetes improves

Diabetic patient helped with HopeMedicine

Diabetes,  asthma and respiratory problems

Diabetes, nose polyps and sleep disorders

Reduced blood sugar level in diabetic man


Stomach disease and burning in heals

HopeMedicine Helped  Acid Reflux and G.E.R.D.

Recovery from jaundice with HopeMedicine

Liver and stomach disease gone

Stomach Disease, Gas, E Improves 80%

Hepatitis B, joint pain, sleep disorder

Stomach disease cured with HopeMedicine

HopeMedicine Cures a Chronic Stomach Disease

Hepatitis B, sleep disorder, joint pain

Stomach Disease Cured With HopeMedicine


Woman with infected vocal cords cured, avoids surgery


Hepatitis B, joint pain, sleep disorder


Recovery from jaundice with HopeMedicine


Kidney pain and disease greatly improved

Kidney stone passed without pain

HopeMedicine stops pain in kidney stone attack


A Paralysed woman gets better mobility

Paralysis, sleep disorder and vertigo

HopeMedicine helps a woman walk again

Paralysis miracle cure with HopeMedicine


Pain from piles stopped instantly


Diabetes, bones, sleep disorder

Hepatis, joint pain, sleep disorder

Paralysis, sleep disorder improved


Chronic joint pain, heavy legs, vertigo

Paralysis sleep disorder and vertigo improved

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