Paralysis Miracle Cure with HopeMedicine

Peace be unto you! I am Sattar Khan from district Layyah. I have a tire shop near “Budh Mandi (Wednesday Market)”.
In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. My name is Ghulam Akbar. Four years ago, he suffered from muscle problem (probably muscle spasm) due to which he was unable to work.
Furthermore, his right leg became functionless. He also had stomach problem and his appetite reduced to a great extent.
He suffered from constipation also and used to spend 1-2 hours on defecation.
Later on, he suffered from typhoid fever, reduced sleep, pain in the whole body and increased muscle spasms.
He tried every type of treatment and reached every hospital where he could go. He tried to get these problems treated according to his affordability.
He used to get temporary relief but this condition developed again.
The problem of burning sensation in the stomach was still there. At “Budh Mandi (Wednesday Market)”, Layyah, I was giving medicine to some patients when he asked about the medicine.
I told him that this medicine is useful for each ailment. He started using that medicine and he started feeling improved within three days and he was able to work at a capacity of 60%.
Today is the 8th day since he started using that medicine. Thank God, he got 80% recovery from the ailment and now he is working regularly with a good efficiency. He is thankful to Allah Almighty for this blessing.

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