Patient unconscious after heart attack recovers with HopeMedicine

My name is Abbas. I used to be a driver.
Within a short time period, my blood sugar level raised significantly. Because of diabetes, I suffered from heart attack.
I was in the state of unconsciousness when brought to the cardiology unit. I was not feeling well. I remained admitted in cardiology unit for six months.
Then I was offered (given) this water (HopeMedicine). After taking it, Allah Almighty recovered me from illness.
The name of this water is “HopeMedicine”
Yes. It’s called HopeMedicine. You will let others know that you have taken HopeMedicine?
Now you, the Daughter, let me know what had happened to your father? Had he gone to an unconscious state? Please let me know about that situation as you were there in the cardiology unit.
Though my father was being treated, we couldn’t see any recovery. He was still in the state of unconsciousness.
As soon as my paternal aunt’s daughter offered HopeMedicine, my father’s condition improved.
His heart beat level increased from 45 bpm to 75 bmp.
At present, you are suffering from diabetes. Is it true?
Yes, I am suffering from diabetes. You can see the wounds on my feet.
Please show your wounds.
You can see that the wounds are dressed. This is the wound. Surgery was done to heal it. The wound has healed but the skin hasn’t come yet.

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