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Q & A

What is HopeMedicine made of?
HopeMedicine contains the energy of a proprietary combination of powerful herbs, metals, gems, minerals, salts, animal substances, colors, and precious stones, transferred to water or through broadcasting through advanced technology. It does not contain the herbs themselves.

What if I am allergic to some of those herbs?
Out of the thousands of patients using HopeMedicine, we had no report of allergic reactions. Think about homeopathic remedies: after a certain potency, the remedy has no substance. As a rule, the right homeopathic remedy will treat an allergy, and the wrong remedy will neither improve nor aggravate the allergy.

Are there any side effects?
We have no report of side effects at present from any of the thousands of people who are taking HopeMedicine.

What happens if I take too much?
You will be wasting a precious healing tool. Taking more will not do anything but decrease the time you will be on HopeMedicine.

Do I have to go on a diet?

We do not make any recommendations as to your diet and lifestyle. Patients generally know when they need to make such changes, and we can only encourage them to take action.

Do I stop taking the medications I am on?
We do not make such a recommendation. We have feedback from people who did not need their medications after a few days, most of the time after monitoring by their doctor. It is up to you and your healthcare provider to make this decision.

Can you guarantee the results?
Results vary according to the patient, and we cannot know if it will work at 20% or 80% for you. We do, however, guarantee results with our special treatments. Check our consultation/healing session.

How long before I can feel the results?
This varies from one patient to another. In any case, people report a feeling of hope and well-being immediately or within three days of taking their first dose.

Does HopeMedicine cure everything?
When the time has come for a patient, HopeMedicine can facilitate the transition with peace and comfort. However, we have seen so-called terminal patients heal with HopeMedicine. We recommend Advanced Treatments in such cases.

Should I take any precautions of any kind?
We recommend you follow the same hygiene guidelines you would follow while taking any medication.