Recovery From Jaundice With HopeMedicine

Recovery From Jaundice With HopeMedicine

Recovery From Jaundice With HopeMedicine

Peace be unto you! My name is Iqbal Hussain. I belong to village “Jootah.” I am associated with the business of wheat grinding.

Peace be unto you! Brother Akbar gave me a medicine. It was an injection which was meant for dissolving it into water. We got it for our three patients.

One of these patients was our child, suffering from Jaundice. Two days ago, The child was treated by the doctors in Multan.

Some injections and intravenous fluids were given to him by the doctors but when we came to know about him (Akbar) that he gives a medicine, we used this medicine. As a result, our child completely recovered from Jaundice.

This medicine was also used by my mother but as she did not take medicine on proper schedule, therefore did not recovered completely but she is better than earlier.

Another patient was my friend who was an old man and was suffering from diabetes. He was also suffering from respiratory problem.

Earlier, he was using herbal medicines but when we provided him with this medicine (given by Akbar); he stopped using those herbal medicines after one or two days.

I also arranged for him a meeting with brother Akbar. He told him that he stopped using herbal medicines and now he is completely recovered after using the medicine given by him (Akbar).
It is a good medicine. Thank You.

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