Special Treatments

Special Treatments

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Energy Healing for Advanced Conditions

The Hopemedicine water is effective in 90% of cases, and up to cancer level one. For more serious conditions, more powerful treatment is required. It is performed through the purchase of energy packs which are 500 times more powerful than the water.

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Distance healing is still controversial, although renowned scientists with Ph.ds and Nobel Prize winners have validated this methodology through quantum physics and other technologies. Therefore, many patients are still shy when it comes to testify of the effects of energy healing. They are concerned that their loved ones would not believe them, ask embarrassing questions, make fun of them or find them irresponsible. 

Jawad Ashraf, Engineer and manager of a multinational company in Lahore, Pakistan, has a different opinion. He speaks about this father healing openly out of gratitude, and to help desperate people find hope in Usman Baloch.

The story below happened in 2015.

HopeMedicine powerful healing energy is used to treat cancer patients at stages 2, 3, and 4, such as Muhammad Asraf, who was in intensive care with liver cancer in 2015.

“When the doctor told me that my father may not regain consciousness and that I should mentally prepare myself, I felt as if someone has punched me in my chest,” said Jawad Ashraf, telling about his experience. “I was desperate to find help, any help to save my father and that is when I contacted HopeMedicine, as I heard that he could treat seemingly terminal patients. Today my father is alive and returned from the brink of death thanks to HopeMedicine.

First day of treatment
Day 2
Day 3
Day 8
Day 10
Day 15

October 17th, 2015: Beginning of Muhammad’s treatment with energy healing and HopeMedicine
October 18th, 2015: Muhammad’s lungs start improving.
October 21st, 2015: Muhammad’s lungs are back to their normal function.
October 28th, 2015: Muhammad is discharged from the intensive care unit.
October 31st, 2015: Muhammad is discharged form Shaukat Khanum cancer hospital.

Muhammad, 2018

Jawad Ashraf is a manager in a multinational company in Lahore and the youngest of five siblings. He loved his father dearly and was very close to him.

Muhammad, Jawad’s father, was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2012 and gradually started getting worse. Treatments for Hepatitis C are still limited and most patients do not make it. Muhammad was deteriorating and, every few months, testing and examinations confirmed that the disease was progressing.

In 2015, test results revealed a tumor in Muhammad’s liver and the doctors advised RFA (Radiofrequency Ablation). RFA is a minimally invasive treatment for cancer consisting of passing electric currents through an electrode to create heat and destroy cancer cells. Usually, there is no surgery but, in Muhammad’s case, the doctors decided to perform open surgery with RFA. The surgery was successful but soon after, Muhammad developed complications and pneumonia.

Muhammad’s condition started deteriorating fast. He was admitted to the hospital but he kept getting worse. Within a few days, he was left with only thirty percent lung capacity and the doctors put him on a ventilator. His family, and especially his youngest son Jawad, were extremely affected and did not know where to turn. After a few days, the doctors told Jawad that the family must accept the fact that Muhammad might not survive.

Jawad felt as if the darkness of despair has surrounded him. Out of despair, he tried to find any help he could and thought of contacting HopeMedicine.

Jawad contacted him and asked for his help. Usman listened to the case and decided to take it on. He comforted Jawad and told him that his father would survive but he must agree to the suggested treatment and follow all instructions. Jawad readily agreed and paid the required fee.

Muhammad’s treatment was started and, within three days Muhammad gained consciousness and got off the ventilator. “It was as if my father had come back to life. I love my father very dearly, I was struck with despair at the thought of losing him.”

Slowly and gradually, there were visible signs of improvement. After the first few days of treatment, there was a brief relapse but Muhammad started improving again quickly and was released from the hospital soon after. The doctors were amazed at his recovery as they were sure that he would not make it.

Muhammad has been back home ever since. His follow-up medical tests have long shown positive results and he is eating and drinking normally. He is not taking any medication and lives a fairly normal life. The doctors had suggested a liver transplant for him but he has improved so much that the transplant became unnecessary. Usman has assured Jawad that, after his HopeMedicine treatment, his father’s liver would start functioning again and he would most likely not be needing a transplant.

What kind of treatment was performed? How was he able to defy all existing knowledge of medical science and cure a seemingly untreatable and terminal patient? How does he decide which patient to treat? These and hundreds of other questions exist regarding the remarkable stories of recovery from people treated with HopeMedicine. People who were facing death in the eyes, people who were declared terminal by doctors, people who had been turned away by hospitals, people whose illnesses were not even identified, people with genetic conditions, people with stage four cancers… many were cured with HopeMedicine.

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