Stomach Disease Cured With HopeMedicine

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. Peace be unto you! My name is Muhammad Abdullah and I am a painter.
I had a severe burning sensation in the stomach. Even I visited Dr. Ijaz Malik in Multan to have a complete medical checkup.

He prescribed some medicines which used to alleviate the burning sensation transitorily and after a few days, the same situation used to develop again.

(due to this burning sensation) I was unable to eat a meal at night.
During the month of Ramadan, I had a chance to meet with brother Ghulam Akbar.

He gave me a medicine which I used. As a result, I felt better than earlier.

After the medicine finished, I called brother Ghulam Akbar who visited me and gave the medicine.

I am using that medicine and I am hopeful that Allah Almighty will bless me with complete recovery (from burning sensation). Earlier, I was unable to eat a meal at night but now I am better and able to eat some meal at night.

Now I use to have a comfortable sleep at night. Earlier, I had stomach acidity to such an extent that without vomiting, I never felt comfortable.

May Allah bless him with long life. He took care of my health. May God be your guardian.

My house is situated in Mohalla Faiz Abad, near Jinnah Park, district Layyah, Pakistan.

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