Meet Usman Baloch

Usman’s journey to creating HopeMedicine is nothing short of extraordinary.

Usman started his professional career by acquiring a Master’s in Computer Science and a degree in Commerce. However, his heart has always been with the poor, the elderly, and those in need. He started a journey of discovery by traveling all over Pakistan. He studied herbs from old manuscripts written by his ancestors and famous Pakistani herbalists and connected with like-minded professionals.

In 2006, he treated his first patient with cupping and obtained exceptional results. Encouraged by this experience, he kept treating patients for free until 2009, when he began to charge a fee for his services. In 2011, he opened his first clinic in Shapes Club in Gulberg, Lahore. Still, he felt limited as he could only see so many patients daily and wanted to help more of them.

Usman is a progressive thinker and developer who constantly questions the status quo. With cupping, he recommended food restrictions and herbal medicine. In 2014, he implemented the use of radionics in his treatment. This addition reduced the number of cuts needed with cupping and made it easier and less painful for the patients. 

Around that time, he came across the story of the therapeutic properties of the poison of giant 250g scorpions. He had also progressively become aware of his extraordinary “knowledge,” which he describes as a guide from nature within himself, and the benefits of following its directions. This included strict seclusion for long periods, fasting, meditating, and facing severe hardship physically, emotionally, socially, and financially. However, it did not deter Usman.

This knowledge confirmed that he could use water for healing. So, in 2015, he created medicine from water and the venom of these expensive scorpions (10 billion rupees), then, months later, he supplemented this treatment with snake venom. He kept experimenting and improving it by adding herbs, minerals, metals, precious stones, and gems, to name a few. He then found a way to transfer this energy to patients or media, such as vinegar or water. HopeMedicine was born.

This process required enormous resources as every element were costly and no longer had value once their energy was drawn out of them. However, Usman continued his mission without considering the hardship he put himself through. Instead, he trusted that his knowledge would provide a solution. 

Armed with directions from his knowledge and the encouraging results he obtained, Usman first distributed this medicinal vinegar to the poor and the needy, monitoring the dosage carefully. At the same time, he used direct broadcasts of HopeMedicine to treat people with advanced conditions. 

Word of mouth spread the news of miraculous healing in hopeless cases, and the demand for HopeMedicine increased. However, as he saw the quantity of the vinegar diminish, so was the amount needed for treatment. The dosage went from 5 ml several times a day to one drop in 1.5L, then 20L, which could energize 1000L of water.

In 2022, Usman reached another leap forward. Instead of using vinegar or energized water to make the final product for the patient, Usman found a way to eliminate physical distribution. Drinks are energized while uploading their picture to the HopeMedicine WhatsApp group, and patients take the indicated dosage while saying words of gratitude. That’s it. In the meantime, Usman offers unique and more potent treatments for those who desire optimum and fast results, mainly patients with severe or chronic conditions.

Usman developed a humanitarian initiative to offer HopeMedicine to anyone in need for free. Locally, he is well known for his charity work and distribution of food, clothing, and blankets with the help of dedicated volunteers.

Usman constantly researches and develops ways to improve HopeMedicine and reach new patients worldwide. Given his dedication, there is no doubt that the best is yet to come.