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What Is HopeMedicine?

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

Usman Baloch explains the scope of action of HopeMedicine and what it can do for you:

HopeMedicine is a breakthrough in the treatment of chronic, degenerative, auto-immune and hopeless conditions. It is a purely scientific process.

Usman Baloch created an advanced technological system that allows him to extract the energy of medicinal ingredients and send this energy to patients through direct broadcast anywhere in the world. He called it HopeMedicine based on the extraordinary results reported by patients using it. So far 35,000 thousand people are taking HopeMedicine throughout the world.

HopeMedicine contains every source of healing and every ingredient available from nature that can help the patient. These ingredients include herbals, minerals, metals, precious stones, animal substances, universal energy etc…  It is a unique and exclusive energetic formula that can be broadcasted directly to patients for instant absorption. It starts working immediately.

HopeMedicine enables physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial healing. In addition to the energy of the ingredients listed above, it contains the energy of gems as medicines, as gems have a profound effect on the health of the patient. All the gems possess specific energy frequencies that, if used in accordance with the energy frequency of the patient, can help the healing significantly.

Cutting-edge technology allows both transmission and reception of energy signals, and translates them into valuable information. It is first used to diagnose the patient’s condition from a distance, then to assess the remedies needed, and finally to broadcast the energy required to heal the patient.

HopeMedicine has a powerful impact on patients, improves their physical and emotional symptoms or completely cures them. As a result, patients become more productive and it this helps improve their financial situation as well.

On-going research and development are performed to keep up-to-date with progress and always bring the best to the patient.

Researchers around the world contribute to confirming the scientific basis of energy healing.

Quantum physics is changing the field of healing in the future. Here is how quantum physics explain distance healing.

DISCLAIMER: The website is designed for general information only. Any information on this site is not to be construed as formal medical advice, nor formation of a healer/patient relationship. Persons accessing this site are encouraged to seek medical advice regarding their individual medical issues.

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